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Update:  If you are interested in purchasing a pedal, please visit my commercial website:

New pedals are becoming available again and I think these are the best SDD-3000 preamp pedals yet.



I’m very pleased with how the metalwork and finish turned out on them. With each version produced, I make little improvements to the design.

I only have a limited quantity (really, just a few) of these on hand at the moment but I will indeed have a larger quantity available later in the summer.

If you are interested in purchasing a pedal, pricing information can be found at my commercial website:


I’m currently sold out of the SDD-3KP and FA-2 pedals with no immediate plans to produce more as I plan to focus on other projects. I may consider making updated versions in the future, or maybe offer them in a kit form if there is enough interest in something like that.

I’m quite proud of the quality achieved in the production of these pedals and I’m confident they will serve their owners well for many years to come.

If you have ideas of what you’d like to see (updated versions with extra features or perhaps a kit) let me know!

The last one!

The last one!


IMG_6484Quick Update: For those interested, the 2012 version of the SDD-3KP pedal is still in stock at the moment, but on-hand inventory is limited!


Well here it is, the latest incarnation of the SDD-3KP preamp pedal:

I’m quite pleased with the final product.  There are some subtle improvements to the enclosure that most might not notice (real “detail” stuff…) but that improve the overall look and fit. Happily I can also say that all backorders have now shipped out…  Many thanks to everyone who participated in this build.  I do hope you enjoy your SDD3000 preamp clone through a nice AC30 or Ac15 type tube amp.

A lot has been happening in the last few weeks. A new batch of circuit boards has been completed and the new run of SDD-3KP enclosures are formed/finished and went off to the screen-printers for graphics.  I think the fit and finish on these is the best yet.  Here’s what they look like before the graphics are printed on them:

It won’t belong before they are ready to ship!

I just saw this today and though it was really cool! :

They have even archived pics of Version 1 and Version 2.

For those in Japan interested in purchasing an SDD-3KP pedal, good news:  a limited quantity are now available through an authorized dealer, Musette Japan Co., Ltd.