Here is a Fuzztone F-1 clone (i.e. “Rab” Fuzz) I recently built and installed inside an Orange enclosure, as a tribute to the original Kay Fuzztone pedal. Personally, I think this looks better than black:




The original Kay was all orange (plastic), but I chose a black rubber foot pad here, because I figured an orange one would look start to look dirty rather quickly.

  1. Edge Of-Uzoo says:

    Wow, nice job. Looks really great. Great idea keeping the Kay orange!

  2. Ryan says:

    Very cool Dave. I prefer the black version also. Are you still making these to buy? I’d like one to add next to my SDD3KP 🙂

  3. Alexis says:

    Amazing Dave,
    Inform us when available.

    • trabantland says:

      Alexis, I can make one up any time as a custom job. This isn’t a high volume item, so I tend not to keep it in stock. Dave

  4. Mike says:

    Amazing!!! Please contact me – I’m very interested in one!!!


  5. Mike says:

    I am also interested in getting this please contact

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