New Amplifier Project…Vox AC-30 Clone

Posted: 2013/06/10 in DIY Guitar Amplifier Projects, Vox AC30 "Mini"
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Here is a new project I’m quite excited about.  It has been in the design and chassis fabrication stages for a little while already but I now have some pictures worth sharing.  This is one my most ambitious gear constructions yet!  It’s a Vox AC-30 clone.  Okay so that’s nothing revolutionary, but what makes this one a little more special than most AC-30 clones is that it has a smaller footprint.

The basic design requirements for this project were to 1) replicate the Vox AC-30 brilliant channel circuit (Marshall/Korg/TBX or Jennings/JMI as desired…Note that it’s easy to do one or the other with a few component changes) 2) Use hand wiring as the construction method (i.e. turret boards for easy repair) and 3)  Try to keep some “vintage” flavor to the overall look of the amp, even though it’s not specifically a replica of a particular version of the AC-30.

Since the vibrato/tremolo channel is not included this allows some saving of space used for the overall footprint.  I used a mostly traditional 1960s Vox type chassis design, where there is a separate preamp and power amp chassis, which are then bolted together. However, I added some extra flanges for added rigidity. Here is the preamp/main panel chassis:

AC30 Preamp Chassis 1


And here is the chassis for the power amp section:



The two parts get bolted together, and then a back panel (with ventilation slots) is also screwed on:




The back panel will hold the speaker output jacks and an IEC connector for use with an AC power cord. You can see that I already started inserting some parts (mains switch and fuse holder) to check the fit…stay tuned for more updates as I wire this baby up!

  1. P.-F. says:

    This is a real killer, man !

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