Handwired Wah Board

Posted: 2013/04/05 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, Remote/Rack Wah

Here’s a variation of the Remote/Rack Wah unit which uses a handwired turret board for the wah circuit.  I was inspired by the Vox V846-HW handwired wah pedal to create this version.  The foot controller is optically isolated as before, and it has a switchable buffer installed on the output.


Here’s a closeup of the wah circuit:


I did not copy the Vox layout but instead made my own. However, the principle is very much the same. It’s just like wiring up an amplifier with turret boards. You don’t need a printed circuit board, but it’s more time and labor intensive.


  1. Michael Forester says:

    Beautiful, when can we buy one?

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