Tweed Addiction Continues…

Posted: 2012/06/05 in DIY Guitar Amplifier Projects, Fender Tweed Deluxe 5e3 Clone

Building amps tends to become a bit addictive, and I’m particularly fond of the 5e3 circuit.  It’s very simple to put together, yet supplies great tone.  The amp is also very lightweight compared to some.  My first 5e3 DIY project was based around a kit.   Nothing wrong with that – it’s a quick way to get something up and running.  However, my friend Pierre and I decided to design a 5e3 circuit board from the ground up using turretboard construction instead of the traditional eyelets.  We also didn’t want to make “replica” of the old Fender board or other existing layouts but instead came up with a new layout of our own inspired the ideas of Merlin Blencowe and Doug Hoffman.

Here’s a look at the turretboard before being populated with parts:

5e3 Turretboard


  1. Matt says:

    Looking forward to seeing,and hearing the end result

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