Remote Wah – Putting it all Together

Posted: 2011/12/21 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, Remote/Rack Wah

Assembling the enclosure and inserting the circuit boards is the easy part.  A few holes are drilled, and some standoffs and washers employed:

The smaller satellite board on the right contains the optocoupler and related circuitry which attaches to the XLR jack.   This isolates the footpedal from the rest of the audio circuit – no audio travels through the expression pedal cable.  The rest of the wiring goes pretty fast, too:

Here is a closeup of the V847 Wah board:

I modded it with a couple of trimpots to control the “Q” factor and the gain on Q1.  I also switched out the inductor for an old Crybaby inductor, as I preferred the sound on it.

The front jacks are normalled to the rear jacks, so if nothing is inserted in the front, the signal will pass through to the rear jacks:

Now we are ready to rock…

  1. dave hart says:

    All I can say is woooohooooo

  2. P.-F. says:

    That rules !

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