Remote Wah Enclosure

Posted: 2011/12/20 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, Remote/Rack Wah

Even though the wah circuit is not that large, in this case the goal was to make the unit look like Edge’s, which has a black 1RU rack box enclosing it. I settled on using an off-the-shelf Lansing enclosure Graybox, which comes in many depths and is available in a nice black anodized finish. Based on the photos, I designed a panel with holes for 1/4″ audio, a power indicator LED, and and XLR jack for the expression pedal.

I don’t have an fancy milling or machining tools, so I printed out some full sized patterns from the drawing, and used them to mark the front (and back panels) for drilling with a drill press.

The labels were made using a P-Touch printer.

  1. Rockhound252 says:

    What is the use of the isolated circuit?

  2. Rockhound252 says:

    Can i make that without this part?

  3. rockhound252 says:

    the numbers of the measures are in centimeters?

  4. Sasa says:

    Nice job!
    Would it be possible to do the same thing to WH-4 in the same chasis? And use the empty WH-4 box as a controller?

    That way you could have one chasis and resolve all audio cables passing to the pedalboard twice (for whammy as well as wah).


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