What project would YOU like to see?

Posted: 2011/11/18 in Uncategorized

I’ve added a poll, to see what might be interesting to work on next…

Thanks for voting!


  1. trabantland says:

    Very interesting to see what people are voting for…looks like the AC30 is in the lead at the moment!

  2. Collin says:

    There are so many AC30 clones out there, do you really want to add one more? But if you’re going to do one, why not a rack mount instead? 2 or 3 HE in size if possible.

    • trabantland says:

      I agree with the sentiment Collin. – If I did make one, the emphasis would be on minimizing the size so it would be a head of some sort. I do love the AC30 sound but I hate transporting that amp to gigs.

  3. Matthieu says:

    Hmm …
    what about a stompbox that could split or duplicate an expression pedal signal. So we could control several items with one only EP. Just like the Edge does with his, controlling his remote wah, the shimmer effect and maybe more.

    • trabantland says:

      Interesting idea – Edge’s expression pedal is a modded FV300L. Actually in stock form I think it should work for this as the pot is dual-ganged (it’s a slider pot inside, not a rotary pot) and the pedal has two inputs and outputs. I believe the mods are just so the pedal can take an XLR cable.

  4. Linsenpuppe says:

    A cheaper version of Skrydstrups Midilooper would be much more helpful.
    It should be possible to sell s.th similar for less than 700€ (the polish WOBO loopers cost 400…) A DIY project would be even more interesting.

    • trabantland says:

      Thanks I think it’s a good idea. I have something I started a couple of years ago and then put on the back burner which may interest people. It was based around the idea of the old Axxess GRX4, and could be used on a pedalboard or rack.

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