SDD-3KP Has made it into the Guitar Effects Database

Posted: 2011/11/12 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, SDD-3000 Preamp Clone

I just saw this today and though it was really cool! :

They have even archived pics of Version 1 and Version 2.

  1. Steve says:

    Been meaning to get one. How much and how long?

    • trabantland says:

      I have a handful from the last batch in stock at the moment. Shipping price depends on your location, but it works out to be $250 total (including all shipping) in the USA and about €200 total (including all shipping) if you are in Europe. Dave

      • Dave Mc says:

        Dave: Can you reserve one of the SDD preamps for me. I live in Texas. What form of payment do you require.

        Dave Mc

      • trabantland says:

        Hi Dave,

        Yes, you can purchase the pedal through me (I usually use Paypal). You can send me email through the About/Contact link.

        Best Regards, Dave

  2. Jon says:


    Great work on this unit. It looks amazing. I’d love to buy one! Do you have any more of these still available and if not, will there be a new batch?

    • trabantland says:

      Thanks Jon – Anyone can contact me through the Contact/About page (keeps down on the spam that way). In fact I might have just sent you an email, if it’s the same Jon.

      Best Regards,

  3. gedgar reich says:

    Excellent idea ! I want one !

    • trabantland says:

      Thanks! Well I do have one SDD left. Contact me through the About/Contact page.


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