Building a Remote/Rack Wah Like Edge’s

Posted: 2011/10/29 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, Remote/Rack Wah

A fun little custom project, coming soon…The plan here is to copy The Edge’s rack wah.

  1. graham stuart says:

    very interesting when does edge use one?

  2. trabantland says:

    Yes, it will be a Vox V847

  3. David says:

    Count me in. I’ve saved a space for it already 🙂

  4. Juan Alberto says:

    i built my remote rack wah with a remote boss fv300 but i used a crybaby circuit. It’s the same?

  5. archaos says:

    Bravo !!!

  6. monty jay says:

    Awesome! I love rackwahs, i currently have 3. Any updates on this? Also, do you have any other info/photos regarding edge’s unit?

    • trabantland says:

      I’m working on it – I’ll have some more photos of the project to post soon. Edge’s unit is a Vox V847 rehoused in a rack case by John Suhr (of Suhr Guitars fame) when he worked at Custom Audio Electronics. He still has it in his main rig but he has other “mini” rigs where he uses a Dunlop rack wah.

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