FA-1 Clone Enclosures all Painted…At Last

Posted: 2011/10/05 in Boss FA-1 Clone, DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects

This post was a long time in coming but I’m glad that at last I can finally share a pic of the new FA-1 clone enclosures.  These took a lot longer then they were supposed to, but I think the end results have been worth the wait.  I had them painted and silkscreened months ago, but there was a problem with the silkscreen: it was positioned just about 1/8″ off from where it was supposed to be.  I didn’t think that was acceptable.  So I had to have them sanded, repainted, and silkscreened over, and this added a lot of extra time to the job.  However, I’m really pleased with how they look now.  In my opinion they are very sharp-looking with the lime green paint and black lettering.  As you can see, I’ve decided to call this pedal the “FA-2”.  It’s basically an  FA-1 pedal with some modern upgrades, but retaining the vintage styling.  I’m calling it a “FET Buffer Amplifier”  instead of “FET Amplifier” since the FET in the circuit is not really used to amplify but to provide a high input impedance. The amplification is done by opamps.

There will be two versions, one without a footswitch (traditional FA-1 style) and one with a footswitch added.  For those interested in purchasing one, feel free to contact me to get on the list as I’ll be ready to accept deposits on these soon.

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Looks cool. The footswitch looks to be a great addition. What is the price for the pre-order?

  2. trabantland says:

    Thanks Jeffrey- I will probably do the same as in the past, a $100 deposit to reserve a pedal, and then balance due when it ships. Dave

  3. graham stuart says:

    pretty, pretty, pretty good,
    awesome actually

  4. ANdrew says:

    Love it – it’s looking real nice.
    My SDD 3000 clone pre amp – is working beautifully. I’m using it in my “edge” rack with my SDD 2000 for perfect results every time. Great for Unforgettable Fire era stuff!

  5. Trevor says:

    Hello Dave, like your work, very nice reproductions on those slime green tin cans, must say I like the tone quality of the FA-1 have owned 2 of the originals previously, both gone now. Lately have been reproducing some clones of them of my own, the first one to test, well the only one so far, sounds real nice, all original type parts as per the Boss unit except the resistors are metalized, One thing I cannot pick the difference in sound when the 6dB cut boost is in or out, any thoughts on this ???, I hadn’t installed a non polar elctro cap, just a MKT mini polyester 0.47 I know you say it filters out innaudible signals, does this explain why i cannot pick any difference ?? thanks for any response.
    Cheers Trev

    • trabantland says:

      Hi Trevor – thanks! Well the 6dB/Oct low cut filter definitely has an effect, but I suppose you might not notice it depending on your setup, like if you have a very trebly guitar or amp for instance. The filter reduces the bass frequencies. A good test would be to try it with a rather “boomy” neck pickup like Les Paul neck for instance. The effect will be very noticeable there. If you aren’t hearing any effect of the switch at all I would recheck the connections and see if something is missing. The poly vs. electro cap won’t make too much difference at all.

  6. Noah Kaatz says:

    Any estimate on when these will be ready for shipping? Thanks.

    • trabantland says:

      Hi Noah, I’ve started shipping them as I finish each one up. The wiring is taking me longer than I planned (all those pots + switches) but they are coming out very nice. I’m going to post a photo later today. Dave

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