New FA-1 Enclosures

Posted: 2011/06/20 in Boss FA-1 Clone, DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects

I’ve been working on a new enclosure for my FA-1 clones and these should be ready soon. Here are some preview pics:

I’m planning on two versions – one with and one without a footswitch (the more traditional style).  Whereas the original FA-1 had die-cast (aluminum) enclosures, these will be sheetmetal (steel) – but they are every bit as rugged if not more so.  The sheetmetal design is easier to fabricate since it can be stamped instead of being machined.  Complicated cutouts are easier (i.e. square hole for  slide switch).

  1. ANdrew says:

    Nice One: These look great. Looking forward to owning one!

  2. CM says:

    What did the FA-1 do for Edge’s tone? What did he use it for?

    • trabantland says:

      Cam, he uses it to goose his amp with a hotter signal – examples include ‘New Year’s Day’ and also the solo in ‘Pride’.

  3. SBM says:

    Wow, I even like the look of the metal! Good job!

  4. CM says:


  5. Juan alberto says:

    Hey! I’m interested on one of this pedal. Are you selling?

    • trabantland says:

      Thanks – I will once the enclosures are all finished…that should be soon so stay tuned! Cheers, Dave

  6. ANdrew says:

    I trust they are going to be “bogey” green/ Aztec yellow like the original 😉

  7. Patrik Klingeborn says:

    How does this differ in sound compared to the clone of the SDD-3K preamp? Ain’t is supposed to do the exact same thing, which is to give a simple volume boost?

    • trabantland says:

      Well, yes in the sense that it is also a preamp that hits your amp harder, but it has a very different character. More harsher and aggressive IMO, especially with the tone control which can boost more highs. The SDD is much smoother-sounding and natural. For humbuckers, compare Edge’s tone on “New Year’s Day” to “I Will Follow” for instance. The FA-1 boosting an AC30 give that NYD sound.

  8. Patrik Klingeborn says:

    I’m very interested in buying this btw…
    I just wonder one more thing. Does this include the dip switch inside the pedal, where you can change the gain of the pedal?

    • trabantland says:

      No, I’m not planning on that feature. I think the stock FA-1 circuit has tons of gain so it’s not really necessary. I will upgrade some components so it can be run at a higher voltage if desired. This will give more headroom and should be (theoretically) quieter. Dave

  9. Noah Kaatz says:

    Hi — where in your effects chain are you placing this … and the SDD-3KP?

    • trabantland says:

      Hi Noah, I would place it just before the SDD. Where you place the SDD is going to depend on your setup and what you’re using for a delay. With most dedicated or rack type delays, the SDD would come first. With a MultiFX unit like the POD, I’d probably put the SDD last before the amp. This way it won’t boost overdrive patches. However, with the M13 I found that the SDD improves the delay sound by placing it before the M13.

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