Tweed Deluxe Cabinet Construction

Posted: 2011/01/27 in DIY Guitar Amplifier Projects, Fender Tweed Deluxe 5e3 Clone

One the amplifier chassis was finished, it needed a cabinet of some kind…  While there are plenty of places to buy cabinets for these amps, I thought it would be fun to build one.  The originals were constructed of box-jointed pine, so I planned to do the same.  Some plans for a Tweed Deluxe cabinet have been posted on a few guitar-related forums:

5e3 Cabinet SHEET1

5e3 Cabinet SHEET2

5e3 Cabinet SHEET3

I didn’t plan on following these plans exactly, but rather used them as a I guide for overall dimensions, etc.  As in the drawings t I used 1/2″ dovetail/box joint template for the top and side pieces:

The box-joint joinery was created with a Porter-Cable dovetail jig:

After all the pieces were cut and routed  the cabinet was dry-fit  for a test, and then finally glued together.  Once the glue was dry the cabinet was sanded in order to smoother out the joints.

  1. Karsten Fliegner says:

    Impressive, like all the preceding work!

  2. trabantland says:

    Thanks Karsten!

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