Completed 5e3 Chassis

Posted: 2011/01/26 in DIY Guitar Amplifier Projects, Fender Tweed Deluxe 5e3 Clone

Here are a couple of pics of the completed chassis from the outside.  Transformers are by Heyboer.  Tubes are JJ Tesla, except for the 12AY7 and rectifier, which are Electro-Harmonix.


So far I have tested the amp out with a Celestion G12-80 8-Ohm speaker.  I’m loving the sounds of it.  Compared to my Vox AC30TBX, it’s cleaner on the low settings, with crisp highs, more bottom end, and less mid-range emphasis.  This amp can get very loud. It’s not an AC30 but it’s also nowhere near as heavy to carry.  Even at only 18 Watts, I’ve used it in a few small club gigs and wasn’t able to turn it up over 3 without dirty looks from the sound crew.


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