Installing Potentiometers and Circuit Board into Chassis

Posted: 2011/01/24 in DIY Guitar Amplifier Projects, Fender Tweed Deluxe 5e3 Clone

The kit instructions call for cutting off the little anti-rotation nibs on the potentiometers, then inserting them into the chassis holes.  However, I like to keep them on as they prevent the  pots from moving if a nut should work loose.  Since the chassis does not have corresponding holes (and I didn’t want to drill it), my solution was to make up a little aluminum plate like so:

This also works as a nice template that allows everything in that part of the circuit to be pre-wired befpre dropping it into the chassis.  The original Fender amps had brass grounding plates, but in this case, the aluminum plate is not for soldering to.  It’s just there to prevent the pot cases from spinning.

Once the pots we inserted into the chassis, it was then time to insert the circuit board into the chassis and wire it into the rest of the amp.


  1. P.-F. says:

    I love that stuff !!!

  2. trabantland says:

    Thanks P.F.!

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