Photo of First Completed Ver. 2 Pedal

Posted: 2010/07/29 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, SDD-3000 Preamp Clone

At long last, here it is, being tested with the Line6 M13:

  1. Matt Elford says:

    Awesome Dave, I’m sure it sounds as good as it looks.

    Looking forward to using mine when it ships!



  2. Karsten says:

    Awesome! Does it sound as good as it looks?

    • trabantland says:

      Sounds great Karsten. Actually I found I like it before the M13 better than after- even when in unity gain mode it really improves the sound of the delays.

  3. Andrew says:

    Great! I’m looking forward to giving the SDD 3KP a home in Scotland.

  4. P.-F. says:

    Sehr gut Man ! 😉

  5. Craig says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get it! I want to see how it is with the Axe FX.

  6. Jules says:


    Not long now… maybe I can finally convince the band to do a U2 cover. Probably “Stories For Boys”, knowing my singer. Not SDD-3KP era, but oh well.

    • trabantland says:

      Thanks. The SDD3000 preamp covers the early Memory Man era type sounds with a good modulated delay (and AC30) just fine. Supposedly some of Red Rocks was re-recorded in the studio with the SDD3000. I don’t know is this is true or not, but the SDD is great for early U2.

      • Jules says:

        Great, currently using a Malekko 616 in my Loopmaster switcher and a Line 6 Echo Park at the end of the chain. I’m sure your preamp will get me there.

        Currently using a AC30 CCH with a Avatar cab loaded with a Weber Blue Dog Alnico and Eminence Wizard. With the right tubes the CC isn’t that bad.

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Dave, did you make a clip of the SDD3-K test with the M-13? Anxious to hear it with the M-13, as that is what I will be using my SDD-3K pedal with.

    Pedal looks sharp!

    Any Trab-Fuzz’s to be made anytime? If so, ballpark figure on the price and when you might be making them?

    • trabantland says:

      Thanks Jeffrey! I will do that and make a clip. I think the M-13 sounds really good with the M13 in front of it.


  8. Hippie Killer says:

    More pictures!!!

    Actually, what I’d really like is some sound clips of the preamp without any delay coloring the sound. If it’s not too much trouble 🙂

  9. soundscapes says:

    Can’t wait to get one! Any idea when they will start shipping out?

  10. trabantland says:

    Jeffrey – the build has been going along nicely and I’m shipping pedals out once they are finished and tested. I’ve busy so I haven’t had much time to post here on the blog.


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