Testing the Rab Fuzz / Kay Fuzztone Circuit

Posted: 2010/07/14 in "Rab Fuzz"/ Kay Fuzztone Clone, DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects

Whenever I build I pedal I like to make a prototype version of the circuit on a breadboard.  This is a good way to test a schematic and to try different part values.  Here’s a quick look at the proto for the Rab/Kay Fuzz:

A note on the diodes:  I show 1N914 in the schematic. You can use these, but you will get a bit of a volume boost with the pedal.  That’s because these are silicon diodes and the originals were germanium diodes.  Silicon diodes clip at a higher voltage than germanium diodes.  If you want the circuit to be more like the original, then you can also use any of the germanium diodes out there commonly used in pedals.  I recommend trying a few to find what you like.


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