SDD-3KP… Stay Tuned

Posted: 2010/03/26 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, SDD-3000 Preamp Clone

With batch #1 completed, I have been getting a lot of positive reviews from people who received them which is very nice to hear indeed– Thanks!

There’s also been enough further interest expressed to me for me to justify doing another run of these, which I will have more details about in the coming weeks…  I’m making some improvements to the enclosure design which I think people will like, and which should also make the pedal even more rugged.

  1. Matt Elford says:

    They the clips you put up sound fantastic!

    I’m looking forward to having one of my own, when your ready with the second batch!



  2. Just saw your latest post. This, a new U2 DVD, Spring in the air…hope springs eternal!

  3. David Holmes says:

    Incredible videos. Let me know when you’re taking orders again.

  4. Charles Reed says:

    I’d still love to purchase one of these if at all possible 🙂 Sounds lovely.

    – Charles

    • trabantland says:

      Hi Charles, Thanks! I am currently working on putting another run of these together…there have been a few delays getting a new enclosure design I’ve made produced, but it will be happening soon…If you are interested in getting on the list contact me via About/Contact. Cheers, Dave

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