SDD-3KP Pedals are Shipping Out…

Posted: 2010/01/27 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, SDD-3000 Preamp Clone

Thanks go out to everyone who participated in this project by ordering one of these pedals (without knowing for sure what it would look like…)  Over the past month or so I’ve been finishing up pedals and shipping them out to people.  Circuit boards are completed and tested, so what’s left is some metalwork and final assembly.  (This batch is over 50% complete, so if you ordered one and haven’t gotten an email yet, you should be hearing from me soon…)

I’m happy to say that the reviews from people who have received their pedals have all been very positive!

For those who weren’t in on this batch (but wish they were), the current batch of pedals is sold out, but I think there seems to be enough interest that I will probably build some more in the future…

  1. P.-F. says:

    Will u choose your own TM for the next batch ?

    These pics remind me of a factory production with the units lined up in such a way.



  2. trabantland says:

    Thanks Pierre-François! I suppose it’s a little mini-me factory. Actually those are my own initials. 😉

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