Getting closer to the finish line…

Posted: 2009/11/21 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, SDD-3000 Preamp Clone

In the past week I unfortunately haven’t had much time to devote to this project as I’ve been busy with other things (including preparing for and taking the GRE, which was pure torture IMO…) so anyway I have a little catchup to do, but progress is being made.  The artwork was submitted over a week a go, so the silkscreen is good to go.   As soon as I drop off the enclosures at the finishing shop this upcoming week they will get  powdercoated and screenprinted.

Here is an unpainted finished pedal out of one of the “production” units:

Pedal before painting

This one has an optional feature I built into the circuit board – two RGB LEDs, one for each attenuator, which change color depending on the attenuator setting. I’m thinking of making this available as an option, but the two LED configuration seen in the previous prototype version will still be standard.  Compared to the prototype version, there was a bit of work that went into rearranging the layout slightly.  I decided to center the footswitch, and the remote control jack required moving by just a few fractions of an inch in order to facilitate assembly.  (Otherwise it was very tight getting the board in there.)  The circuit boards for these pedals do take a bit of work to assemble – compared to the FA-1 clones, they are twice as big and have a lot more (and more expensive) components.  The features should make the pedal a good value though – input and output attenuators, with true bypass relay-based switching, and a remote control jack. The voltage supplied to the opamps is internally converted to +/-15V from a 9VDC input, giving the sound of the original SDD3000 preamp in a small stompbox.


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