SDD Circuit Boards and First Actual-Sized Unit

Posted: 2009/08/31 in DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects, SDD-3000 Preamp Clone

With the testing of the schematic done, I created a printed circuit board design using Cadsoft EAGLE.  Two weeks later, the boards were returned to me…


and I was able to place the components and finish a production-sized board:


The board was designed to fit in a 1590BB Hammond enclosure.  You can see that it features two LEDs, true-bypass relay-based switching, and a remote control jack.  All of this is powered by a standard 9V Boss adapter.  A DC-to-DC converter increases the voltage to give the op amps the full 30V peak-to-peak.  How does it sound?  Great, I think!  I’m really pleased with the result.  I A/B’ed it against one of my actual SDD-3000 units in bypass mode, and the tone is pretty much identical. I’ll be looking forward to building a pedalboard around this, so I don’t have be tied down to a guitar rack!

The next step will be finishing up the pedal enclosures…

  1. EricA says:

    Really nice build, i’m excited waiting the final version (in box)

  2. Luke says:

    You clever thing! 🙂
    If you could house the sdd 3000 preamp in a rack – how much would you be charging? (u.k.)

    Thanks and best wishes – Luke

    • trabantland says:

      Thanks Luke…I’m not sure about the cost of a rack unit yet, but I know that rack enclosures cost more than pedal enclosures. I am contemplating making a more “deluxe” version that would be rack mountable so stay tuned…


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