FA-1 Enclosures Drilled and Painted

Posted: 2009/07/10 in Boss FA-1 Clone, DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects

Well last weekend (July 4th) we finally had a break in the weather here in the northeast (June was a total washout) and I got to painting the enclosures on Monday.  Unfortunately, by Tuesday it was rainy again!  I thought I could try some clearcoating in the basement but I discovered there were issues with the humidity causing problems in the finish.  Not good. On two of the pedals I had to sand the clearcoat off. (Argh…) So, lesson learned, I waited until today (when it was dry again) to proceed with further clearcoating and some repainting.  And here they are in their puke green glory …


Now all that is left is to put on the decals!


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