FA-1 Clone: Prototype Build Report

Posted: 2009/06/18 in Boss FA-1 Clone, DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Projects

 I apologize for not having written too much here lately but  my reason is I’ve been busy working on the project, and haven’t had much time to document it.  Things are moving along nicely.    All the parts arrived last week and I successfully built a breadboard version (see below) just to see how things sound and to check the pinouts on some of the components, making sure they will match up with the printed circuit board.  Everything checks out as expected.  I must say I’m quite happy with the sound.  I tried out the pedal into my VOX AC30 amp and I think it sounded very  nice.  The FA-1 has an agressive “cutting” tone to it that is really nice and different when compared to the SDD-3000 for instance.  I tried it on some licks from “New Years Day” and “Pride” and I thought it  sounded really good.  (I will try and post some clips ASAP…) I also experimented with running the circuit at 18V (upgrading one of the power filtering caps) and it didn’t really sound any different, though this should give more headroom and less noise.  The printed circuit boards have been ordered and I expect to receive them by the middle of next week so I ‘ll be psyched to get soldering!


Breadboard of the Circuit (I know, it looks messy...)


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